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Menorca Airport

Paco Cars has an office in the industrial estate of Mahón, 5 minutes by car from Menorca Airport. Anyway we offer the service of delivery and collection of cars in the same airport of Menorca.

How does it work?

Deliveries and pick-ups are made in parking P1 of the Airport (in front of the Terminal). We will take care of taking the car to the airport and within 24 hours before your arrival we will contact you to explain the meeting point and give you the contact of the person of our staff who will deliver the car to you. This way we make sure that you will find us quickly and the process will be very comfortable.

Delivery schedule

Our car delivery schedule at the airport is from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20h. Deliveries outside these hours are subject to an additional charge.

Return schedule

Returns at the airport are 24 hours, which means that you can return the vehicle at any time without any additional cost.

Do deliveries at the airport have a cost?

We do not charge anything for the fact of delivering the vehicle at the airport, the only thing you have to take into account is that the Aena parking has a cost. You will have to pay the parking fee to be able to take out the vehicle. This amount depends on the time, but in most cases it is less than 1€.


Can I pay by credit card at the airport?

Of course yes, our employees always carry the dataphone with them.

How will we sign the contract?

We have tablets to make the contract signing process very fast.

How do I return the vehicle?

You will have to enter with the car in the airport parking P1 and leave it parked in the same area where we delivered it to you (row C7). You will leave the ticket given to you at the entrance inside the car and the vehicle key in the glove compartment. The vehicle will therefore be left unlocked. Don’t worry, it is 100% safe, only we can pick up the vehicle from the airport parking lot.

Will you be there when I return the vehicle?

In principle, no. We are always taking cars in and out of the airport and it would be very complicated to meet with all the clients for the return. This way you have some flexibility to get to the airport and we have some flexibility to pick you up. It is important that you let us know once you have left the vehicle.

How will you check if the car has returned with damage?

When we arrive we will check the condition of the vehicle and note it on the damage sheet. To avoid misunderstandings, we always recommend that when leaving the vehicle, you make a video of the vehicle’s condition.

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